Want Everything Adele To Zedd? There's An App For That

Want To Know Everything About Bieber, Miley Or Gaga? The MTV Artists iPhone app connects you with your favorite artists.

We've all been there: You're out with your friends and you hear that catchy song again, but you can't quite place the voice with the name. Well now, you can instantly know not only the name of that song, but also everything you'd ever want to know about the artist behind it — all thanks to MTV Artists, a new iPhone app that connects you with your favorite artists.

After you identify the song and artist — which you can also do by jotting down a couple lines of lyrics — you can visit their MTV Artist page, where you'll find all the latest news (as well as some of the most vintage footage) about them.

There's more than 1 million pages, from Duran Duran to Miley Cyrus, where you can read an artist's bio, learn where they hail from, their genre of music and the year they started. It will also recommend a list of similar artists.

From backstage video messages from artists like A$AP Rocky, personal introductions from artists like Demi Lovato, first listens to unreleased albums from artists like Kopecky Family Band, to live performances by artists like Jack Johnson, the MTV Artists App will keep fans and artists connected. Each day, the app will add new content from a plethora of artists.

And for the diehard Beliebers, Smilers and Selenators alike, instead of jumping around from Facebook to Twitter and back, the app streamlines artists' social feeds into one place to keep you in the loop.

You can download MTV Artists on the app store or by typing ArtistsApp.MTV.com into your mobile browser.