Throwback Thursday: Underage Bieber Celebrates Halloween In A Very Adult Nightclub In 2007

MTV News unearths vintage interview with 15-year-old Justin, who tells us about going clubbing with Keri Hilson.

We know how Justin Bieber will be spending Halloween, since the latest date on his Believe Tour will be hitting Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa in Quito, Ecuador, tonight (October 31). But long before he was selling out major venues, Bieber still made some time to celebrate the spooky holiday.

For the Halloween edition of MTV's Throwback Thursday, we're traveling back to fall 2009, when a tattoo-free Bieber was only 15 and not yet the pop megastar he is today. He was even rocking his signature swoop haircut (remember that?). During the vintage MTV News sit-down, Bieber recalled a very adult Halloween he celebrated in Atlanta two years prior.

"It was me and [my manager], Scooter Braun. Yes, Scooter Braun. Yeah, the guy that flew me out to Atlanta. So, he took me to a nightclub. How irresponsible is that?" Bieber joked. "He took me to a nightclub but it was OK, because I went with Keri Hilson as my date, so that was great."

Not only did Bieber have a date 11 years his senior, but he also had a pretty clever costume inspired by one of the characters on "Family Guy."

"It was awesome. I was dressed, I put on a Stewie mask and ... I would just stand there like I was a statue and people thought I was like a prop or something. And then I would jump out and scare them," he added. "It was pretty funny."

And the video is pretty darn funny. Click for yourself and check out how many times he flips that famous swoop.