SKATERS Throwing A 'Zombie Party' On Artist To Watch Live

Tune in Monday night at 9:45 p.m. ET to watch it go down live!

It's official: When SKATERS hit the stage at MTV Hive's Artist To Watch Live event Monday night (October 21), it will be in the form of a massive Halloween party. Yup, they're celebrating 10 days early with a zombified bash!

New York-based band SKATERS are primed to take the stage at the Studio at Webster Hall in NYC at 9:45 p.m. ET. In addition to performing jams from their upcoming debut album, MANHATTAN, the guys are primed to premiere their new Halloween song "Let the Heads Roll." According to the dudes, the song is about the zombie apocalypse. Spooky.

And now, it seems, the band is upping the Halloween ante, declaring tonight's show a zombie affair on Facebook: "ok, it's official. Tonight's show is a f---in zombie party. Wear all white, white suits, white shirts, white sweatpants whatever. White faces."

We're not sure what kind of zombies come kitted out as such, but we're down to don face paint all the same.

The SKATERS guys sing about more than just the undead, however. The band — which formed in New York after disparate members of the Dead Trees and the Paddingtons settled in the Big Apple — scored a record deal with Warner Bros. on the strength of their debut EP, Schemers, in February. They also plan to drop their New York-themed debut in February. Rock meets punk meets reggae: These guys have a sound that is no revivicated corpse of rock and roll.

Check out the Halloween bash for yourself tonight at 9:45 p.m. ET streaming live at

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