Hey Kendrick Lamar, Disclosure Have Their Eyes On You

MTV's Artist to Watch may be leaders in electronic music, but they want their turn with hip-hop too.

With the release of their wildly successful debut Settle, 2013 has been a big year for British electronic duo Disclosure — and now it's getting even bigger with the news that they are officially on MTV's list of Artists to Watch.

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence are known for bringing together strong musicians like Jessie Ware and Sam Smith. But for their next album, they want to tackle a new genre: hip-hop.

Currently on tour with Vic Mensa, the Lawrence brothers are already getting a daily dose of rap. But who would be their dream collaboration? "One of the greatest rappers of all time," Kendrick Lamar.

"He's so incredible. But also, the album that he just put out is so musical," Howard told MTV News. Coincidentally, that was a popular word to describe Settle, especially in comparison to other bodies of electronic music, which would make Kendrick the perfect hip-hop complement to their style. "I hear so much Outkast and Andre when I hear Kendrick... the speed of his rapping and how it's all in harmony, it's not just talking. He'll rap so fast but it'll be like a chord. It's got that attention to detail that's kind of lacking in, not just in hip-hop, just in a lot of music nowadays."

Besides Vic Mensa and Kendrick Lamar, Disclosure are also interested in linking up with A$AP Rocky, Joey Badass and Bishop Nehru. "There's so much great hip-hop from the moment, especially coming from the States," Guy explained. "This is the most excited we've been about hip-hop."

And while they have a host of up-and-coming rappers on their wish list, their ultimate dream may surprise you: Seal.