Austin Mahone's Hospital Stay Has Mahomies Urging You To #PrayForAustin

Mama Mahone got #PrayForAustin trending after the singer canceled his tour due to a fever.

After Austin Mahone canceled his Artist to Watch 2013 Tour due to illness, his Mahomes, well, let's just say they've gone into mourning.

Austin's mom, a.k.a. Michele Mahone, a.k.a. Mama Mahone, took over the singer's Twitter on Thursday night to tweet out more info, after Austin admitted he was postponing two shows due to a 103-degree fever.

"Hey Mahomies its @michelemahone Austin is very ill. Unfortunately we are going to have to postpone the entire MTV Artist to Watch Tour," she wrote. "Austin is very upset about this & we want to say we are sorry to all the Mahomies & their parents who have made arrangements to come out. We feel very bad but we have no choice but to POSTPONE the tour for now. Thank you for your prayers #PrayforAustin."

Mahone was supposed to start this trek in Miami on Thursday and continue through the month, ending in Michigan on October 30. However, the tour is postponed until next year.

Michele Mahone took to her own account, sending out a picture of her son in a hospital bed in a gown, plastic patient bracelet and polka-dot socks.

The #PrayForAustin hashtag quickly trended, and fans are still using Twitter to support Austin.