Like Austin Mahone's 'What About Love'? There's 'A Lot More' Where That Came From

Singer opens up to MTV News about what fans can expect on his in-the-works debut.

Austin Mahone might be recuperating after having to postpone his headlining MTV's Artist to Watch Tour, but new music is still on the horizon.

The EMA-nominated singer has been hard at work on his debut album for some time now, working with folks like RedOne, and he can't wait for his Mahomies to get their hands on the finished product.

"They can expect a lot of things, like they can expect more songs like 'Say You're Just a Friend.' They can expect a lot more songs like my current single 'What About Love,' " the 17-year-old VMA winner told MTV News.

Though a release date hasn't been confirmed yet, he added that when the album does drop, he also wants to slow things down. "There's some really cool ballads, maybe a couple really good collaborations," he explained. "You just got to wait and see for yourself and get it when it comes out."

Has Mahone enlisted one of his Cash Money pals? It could happen: Chase Records (where Mahone has a record deal) partnered up with Cash Money Records to help promote the young singer.

"I can't really give away too many details yet ... they possibly could be," he teased, later adding that one of his idols, Drake, could potentially be who he is referring to.

For now, Mahone is resting after sharing with fans late Thursday that he wouldn't be able to hit the road this October. His mom, Michele, made the announcement and his rep later told People that 17-year-old "was admitted to the hospital with 104 temperature and is being treated for a blood clot and extreme inflammation in his throat, as well as severe dehydration." Dates are postponed until 2014.

"Austin is very upset about this & we want to say we are sorry to all the Mahomies & their parents who have made arrangements to come out," she wrote. "We feel very bad but we have no choice but to postpone the tour for now. Thank you for your prayers #PrayforAustin."