Ke$ha On Fan-Leaked Demos: ‘I Don’t Even Know Where They Get This Sh–!’

A pair of Ke$ha's unreleased demos leaked this week, but she's not getting mad ... in fact, she loves it.

Attention, Ke$ha fans currently releasing her early demos : She appreciates your enthusiasm … even if she’s a bit mystified by it.

“They’re so crazy; I love them. I live for them!” she laughed. “I have songs leak all the time, because I’ve written like, hundreds and hundreds of songs, and my fans somehow find them on the Internet, somewhere — I don’t even have them — and they put them around. I love them for that; I’m excited the world gets to hear things that didn’t make the record.”

The most recent songs to make the rounds are “Dirty Liar” and “First Love,” which fans behind the “Free Ke$ha” movement leaked earlier this week, in the hopes of convincing Ke$ha to sever ties with her producer, Dr. Luke. Though, to hear her talk about the songs, you get the feeling they represent her past, rather than her future.

“Those are so old. ’Dirty Liar’ is from when I was, like, 17,” Ke$ha said. “It’s so weird; I don’t even know where they get this sh–! I don’t even have a computer that has that on it. ’First Love,’ I don’t think I even finished that one … I just have written so many songs.”

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