Ylvis On Their Billboard Hit: ‘It Takes A Fox’ To Beat Lady Gaga

The Norwegian comedy duo talk their surprising hit 'The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)'.

Lorde isn’t the only artist on the Billboard Hot 100 to score a surprising hit, there’s also Ylvis — a brotherly duo from Norway who have hit #6 on the chart, besting Lady Gaga’s “Applause” with parody smash “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?).” And, according to the bros Ylvisåker, that was their intention all along.

“We made ’The Fox’ song and we thought, ’We have to beat Lady Gaga.’…. It takes a fox.” Bård Ylvisåker told MTV News. And while we’re quite certain he was joking, that’s exactly what the comedy duo has done.

“It’s really crazy,” Bård said of the pair’s certified hit, which debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at # 29, according to the New York Times. “Everything that happens now is really strange and crazy and we’re just in for the ride. We don’t know where it stops, but we’re here as long as it lasts.”

“The ride” Bård is referring to started as a joke. The brothers initially created the video and song— which imagines what sound a fox makes — as a promotion for their
comedy talk show, “I Kveld Med Ylvis” (“Tonight With Ylvis”) in their home country of Norway. The guys teamed up with hitmaking producing duo Stargate to create the track, but their intention was not to make a hit.

“We thought, ’We can’t come home to Norway with the intention of being a hit,'” Vegard Ylvisåker said. “Because as comedians that’s kind of poison. You have to always have a comic element in it. So we were figuring out how we were going to do that.”

The brothers decided that the only solution was to “misuse [Stargate’s] talent,” Vegard said. “To have that opportunity and come back to the show and say to the audience, ’Sorry guys, we had the chance, we couldn’t find anything else than what sound the fox says— we blew the opportunity.’ And then it sort of backfired on us.”

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