Rick Ross 'Keeps It Explosive' On 'No Games' Video Set: Watch

'It's a lot of pyrotechnics and a lot of explosions,' Rozay tells MTV News from the set of 'No Games' with Future.

With a December 17 release date now confirmed for his sixth solo album Mastermind, Rick Ross took some time to shoot the video for his album's lead single "No Games" in Los Angeles this week, and the Baswe kept it explosive.

To shoot the new visuals, which also include an appearance from Future, Rozay tapped director Colin Tilley. "Shout out to Colin Tilley, we worked on previous records such as 'Bag of Money,' which went #1 and I wanted to take it somewhere else," Ross told MTV News on the video set. "I'm always on the streets with my records, I'm always in the hood, I'm always taking you back to that struggle side of the city, so I wanted to do something a little more artistic so I let the homey just run with it."

Ross admitted that he was surprised when Tilley outlined his vision for the new video, but he was still down to run with it. "He sent me the treatment, I looked at it, I said 'this look like some 'Terminator' sh--, some Michael Jackson sh--'. I've never done this. I'm with it. Let's go."

"It's a lot of pyrotechnics, a lot of explosions — we keeping it explosive," he added. "We're letting a lot of bangs go off. That's what it's about, that's what this album's gonna be, it's gonna be a lot of bangs."

Earlier this week, Ross premiered the trailer for Mastermind on RapFix.MTV.com. The trailer opens with the Miami native in a 1999 interview, confidently declaring, "Y'all gon' be seeing a lot of me, y'all gon' be replaying this sh-- for years to come." Turns out he was right.