'Walking Dead' Season Four: Meet The New Blood

From Tyreese to Bob Stookey, here's MTV News' rundown of the new zombie fodder faces you'll meet in the 'Walking Dead' premiere.

Meet the new "Walking Dead" cast, same as the old "Walking Dead" cast. New in the sense that there are plenty of new faces to study when season four premieres on Sunday (October 13). Old in the sense that, come on, you know this story by now; if you're alive in the zombie-apocalypse, you're only alive for so long.

Before the inevitable unpleasantness, enjoy a quick look at the new faces of "The Walking Dead" (and a refresher on three of the bit-players from last season who have larger roles in season four) while you still can.

Most Likely To Lead: Sasha

Played by: Sonequa Martin-Green

The Scoop: Step aside, Rick: there's a new sheriff in town. Well, sheriffs plural, actually, and Sasha's one of them. After spending most of her short season-three screen time on the outs of Rick's group, Sasha's very much a part of the inner circle as the new season begins. Expect big things from Tyreese's sister as the year pushes on.

The Prediction: Martin-Green's battle-hardened performance will win over any and all detractors by the end of the season premiere.

Most Likely To Kill: Tyreese

Played by: Chad Coleman

The Scoop: Sasha's brother, Tyreese, was also a bit player during season three, despite being a fan-favorite character from the "Walking Dead" comics series. Tyreese steps up his game with a big smile and an even bigger heart as season four begins, but it won't take long for that smile to fade and for that heart to grow cold. When those things happen, steer clear of the big man's hammer. It won't end well for anyone on the receiving end.

The Prediction: As the new breakout star, don't expect Tyreese to go anywhere anytime soon — not until the Governor rears his head again, at least.

Most Likely To Love: Karen

Played by: Melissa Ponzio

The Scoop: You met her last season, albeit briefly: she was the lone survivor of the Governor's assault on his own people. As season four begins, Karen has a much bigger role, and a new reason to live — and to love — thanks to a man who knows a thing or two about "hammer time."

The Prediction: If there aren't "Kyreese" shippers out there already, just wait until Monday.

Most Likely To Learn: The Kids

Played by: Various

The Scoop: There are several young new members of the prison group this season, including two sisters, both of whom play a pivotal role in the second episode. In the premiere, viewers will saddle up alongside Carol and the children and learn what it takes to live in a zombified world.

The Prediction: They're kids, so there's no way they'll ever die, right? Well, tell that to Sophia. Also, those sisters we mentioned? If they don't make you cry in episode two, titled "Infection," you're probably a walker.

Most Likely To Annoy: Patrick

Played by: Vincent Martella

The Scoop: Martella, best known for his work on the animated series "Phineas and Ferb," steps out of the voice-booth and onto the "Walking Dead" set as one of the prison's newest and youngest "inmates." Patrick comes off as a nice enough kid, a suitable if dorky friend for Carl. The real reason why Patrick will get under your skin? What he ends up doing to the group — accidentally or otherwise.

The Prediction: His very first scene — an awkward encounter with Daryl Dixon — will be the subject of many Monday morning memes. His very last scene — details redacted for spoilers — could be the subject of some derision as well.

Most Likely To Ask: Zach

Played by: Kyle Gallner

The Scoop: When season four begins, young Zach is already a trusted and important member of the group's zombie-slaying efforts. He's at the heart of a budding romance with someone we won't name here. On top of that, he's absolutely fascinated by Daryl Dixon, leading to a lot of questions and guessing games surrounding the bad-boy's past.

The Prediction: Zach's breakout scene in the season premiere will get you out of your seat, guaranteed.

Most Likely To Drink: Bob Stookey

Played by: Lawrence Gillard Jr.

The Scoop: Bob, a former army medic, joined the group as recently as one week before the season premiere. He owes his life to Daryl and the others who saved him, and he wants to contribute in tangible, walker-hunting ways — but does he have what it takes to overcome his own personal demons-in-a-bottle first?

The Prediction: I don't trust this guy. Not. One. Bit.

Most Likely To Die: All of Them

I mean, this is "The Walking Dead," right? They're all toast eventually — it's just a matter of when and how.

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