Behind Miley's 'SMS (Bangerz)': 'We Never Heard Britney Rap Like That'

Bangerz executive producer Mike Will Made It gives MTV News the story behind Miley's collaboration with Britney Spears.

Miley Cyrus' Bangerz boasts a healthy amount of hip-hop features from Nelly, Future, Big Sean and French Montana--not to mention the highly anticipated LP was executive produced by Mike Will Made It. Even Miley's Britney Spears collaboration, "SMS (Bangerz)," takes a rap twist.

The energetic track, produced by Mike Will and the Eardrummaz and written by Miley and Sean Garrett, recalls a 1980s hip-hop vibe with a bounce similar to Salt-n-Pepa's classic single "Push It."

"At first it was just gonna be all the way a solo record... all the way just Miley," Mike will told MTV News of the initial plans for the song before Miley and company decided to make a collaboration out of it. "I'm like, 'It'll be dope if we put another female on here' and the fact that it's like a kind of rapping song, it would be doper if we put another pop chick on here that we're not used to hearing rap."

The first idea didn't include Britney, but another female star. "We were thinking Gwen Stefani, we were thinking different people and then Britney was just so perfect," Mike revealed. "They have the same management and then Miley always looked up to Britney."

The recording process was all captured on MTV's"Miley: The Movement" documentary. "If someone would've told me I would've worked with Britney when I was like eight, I would've been way less cool about it," Miley said in the doc. "Eight-year-old me would be pissing her pants right now."

Mike Will was excited to help match Miley with her idol and to take them both out of their respective pop comfort zones. "It was a dope record for the two to knock out together. We never heard Britney rap like that," he said. "And Miley said the illest line in there: 'Why I need these millies when I got Billy on speed dial'

"Shout out to Billy Ray, that was hard," he said tossing a nod to Miley's dad. "That was a hard line; classic hip-hop."