Paris Hilton Doesn’t ‘Give A F—‘ With Lil Wayne In ‘Good Time': Listen!

The new Cash Money labelmates party hard with Hilton's new track.

Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne’s new YMCMB friendship has Weezy yelling out, “It’s Paris Hilton, bitch!”

In the heiress’ new “Good Time” track, which made its way online on Monday (October 7), she enlists Wayne for an all-out dance party — think Vegas nights or Miami clubs, sexy pool parties, light shows and lots and lots of booze — all of which Hilton sums up as a “good time.”

The song is entirely electronic, with amped-up synths, hand claps and plenty of Auto Tune. “I might be a bit tipsy, but that’s OK ’cause you’re with me,” she sings. Later, it seems like Wayne is seeing double too. “I’m f—ed up, can’t tell you what’s what.” His intoxicated-inspired verse continues: “All she know is suck, f—/ I walked up to her big butt/ And asked her ass butt what?” And did he just jack Britney Spears’ catchphrase by proclaiming, “It’s Paris Hilton, bitch!”?

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