'Workaholics' Solution For The Government Shutdown? Internet Porn

'Shut it down, or don't, let's just keep Internet access,' star Adam DeVine tells MTV News.

By now, you are probably aware of the government shutdown, which, thanks to the decisive leadership of our elected officials, has forced nearly 800,000 federal employees off their jobs, closed national parks and museums, and slashed the staffs of "non-essential" government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.

Chances are, you may have even been affected by it already ... or if you haven't, you probably will at some point in the near future, as the shutdown drags endlessly and needlessly on (can't wait until we default on our foreign debt!)

Then again, you might be "Workaholics" star Adam DeVine. He's blissfully unaware of just about everything, especially the shutdown ... though once we told him about it, he seemed strangely fine with the idea of our government taking a break. So long as they don't take away his access to porn, that is.

"I literally just heard about the government shutting down, and I, quite frankly, do not give a f--- either way. For 200-something years, we've had a government; time to chill, relax, take a break. You deserve it," he joked. "Shut it down, or don't shut it down, let's just keep Internet access available. National Parks and museums are going to close, and I think they should probably watch Internet porn, because that's still available. Not a lot of my friends go to National Parks and museums, but I know a lot of them check out Brazzers.com on the weekends."

DeVine and his fellow "Workaholics" castmembers — currently filming the show's fourth season, set to premiere in January — did get serious for a minute, and dared to ponder just how far-reaching the effects of the shutdown may be ("Is it going to affect me watching the 'Breaking Bad' finale on my DVR?" Devine wondered aloud), but overall, they're not worried. In fact, they kind of think this whole thing is kind of awesome.

"You can't check the illegal status of immigrants? I think that's cool, as long as they're Mexican immigrants," DeVine said. "Russians? We should check them out, because they scare me. Shots fired, Russia."