'Miley: The Movement': Fans Swear 'You Will Learn So Much'

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Fans freaked out while watching Miley Cyrus in "Miley: The Movement" on Wednesday (October 2) night when it premiered on MTV. And guess what, there's more to come.

Smilers got to see Cyrus rehearsing for "Good Morning America," hanging out with Britney Spears, cooking up her now infamous VMA performance with Robin Thicke, stressing out about her upcoming Bangerz and so much more. Twitter loved the previews of the new music they heard while Miley whipped out her laptop to tease songs and go over album packaging. But they also liked the Backyard Sessions throwback when Pharrell talked about wanting to work with Miley after seeing her Dolly Parton "Jolene" cover.

What people took away from the one-hour documentary was that Miley hasn't necessarily changed. Instead, she's flowing with the "movement." As she said herself, "Everything about me is the same. Same skin, same human. It's not a transition. It's a movement."

"Miley is showing that she is still the same person but she is just being her true self. I love her so much," one tweeter wrote. Another person fell back into fandom, writing, "Miley : the movement is really changing my point of view of her. Tbh I'm starting to like her again!"

One fan declared to make the change with her: "Watching #MileyTheMovement ill make this change with you Miley :)"

In the end, Miley got a thumbs up and the online recommendations starting flowing: "Whatever your feelings or opinions about Miley, I strongly encourage you to watch #MileyTheMovement. You will learn so much. #blownaway," @MCH3NRYM0S3L3Y said.

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If you want more Miley, you're in luck. On Sunday, the deluxe edition of "Miley: The Movement" will hit MTV at 8 p.m., featuring a full 90 minutes of extended scenes and never-seen-before clips.

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