‘Walking Dead’ Web Series Explains Crucial Moment From Episode One

AMC has launched a brand new web-series titled 'The Oath' that loops all the way back to the beginning of 'The Walking Dead.'

AMC released a new web series based on their hit series “The Walking Dead” Tuesday (October 1) chronicling a “lost” incident set in the world of the TV show. The three episodes may feature all new characters, but a key scene sheds new, shocking light on an event that stretches all the way back to the first episode of “The Walking Dead.”

In 2011, after the massive success of the show’s first season, AMC drafted then special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero to direct a six-part series titled “Torn Apart.” Running just under 20 minutes total, the series told the hidden story of “Bicycle Girl,” the legless walker sheriff Rick Grimes encounters in the show’s premiere.

After the continued success of “The Walking Dead” (and Nicotero’s promotion to co-executive producer), Nicotero returned to direct a four-part series that expanded to 25 minutes and told another post-apocalyptic story. This time, the connection to TWD was even more tenuous (a character takes some of Rick’s clothes) — but still a critical and fan success.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when AMC posted three episodes of a brand-new web series today, once again directed by Nicotero, titled “The Oath.”

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