Kanye West Is Steve Jobs, ‘Pac, ‘The Nucleus': See EVERYTHING He Calls Himself Here!

MTV News gathers all the names he compares himself to in the BBC interviews.

Kanye West has spent much of 2013 reinventing himself as a BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe — and subsequent spat with Jimmy Kimmel — he’s still capable of going to the max.

If anything, West has only added to his legacy of largesse this year, at least when it comes to outrageous, over-the-top boasts (or “Ye-isms” ) and eye-opening analogies. Whether he was launching into onstage tirades , speaking to The New York Times, or rapping on record, Kanye has dropped more bon mots than we can even count … though we’re going to try.

Inspired by his latest, and perhaps greatest interview, we’ve compiled a list of everything (and everyone) Kanye has compared himself to in 2013. It’s probably not comprehensive — keeping up with his ego requires a full-time staff — but it’s pretty close. Looking over this list, one thing’s for certain: though his music may be stripped down, Kanye the man still contains multitudes.

» A Black New-Wave Artist
» A God
» A King
» A Minimalist (in a Rapper’s Body)
» A Professional Creative
» A Rap-tholic Priest
» A Very Commercial Celebrity Boyfriend
» A Wolf
» A World Builder
» An Architect
» Deepak Chopra
» Jerome from “Martin”
» No Motherf—in’ Celebrity
» ’Pac
» Picasso
» Steve of Internet
» Steve Jobs
» The 35-Year-Old 5-Year-Old
» The Anchor
» The Anti-Celebrity
» The Glitch
» The Michael Jordan of Music
» The Most Powerful Voice in Media
» The New Shabba
» The Nucleus
» The Number-One Rock Star on the Planet
» The Worst Kind of Celebrity
» Warhol
» Walt Disney