Kanye West Ends Epic Interview With Shout-Outs To Jay Z, Kendrick And Baby North

'I don't expect to be understood at all,' West says in the final part of his Zane Lowe interview.

It's been an exhausting week in Kanye Westland. Not only did 'Ye go off on Jimmy Kimmel
 over a bit the comedian did on his talk show, but he also went off on, well, pretty much everything and everyone in the known universe during his marathon one-hour sit-down interview
 with BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe.

Rolled out in four parts, the final segment of the enlightening chat went up on Thursday and in it West stops raging against the machine for a minute and hands out some props to Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and, yes, the paparazzi.

No Kanye If There's No Roc Chain

Kanye shouted out many of his collaborators and inspirations in the interview. But he saved his highest praise for his Watch the Throne co-pilot, Jay Z. "I would not be here if it was not for a Roc a Fella chain," he said. "If it wasn't for Jay Z's blessing and his co-sign and his protection when I was in New York City, dolo ... I would not be here in the way that I am ... Me as Kanye West, as a young revolutionary coming out of Chicago would not have made it that far without Jay Z being my big brother and watching my back at all time."

Don't Try To Understand Me

When Lowe said he understood Kanye's frustration at not always being understood by the media and public, West, well, said Lowe misunderstood him. "No. I don't expect to be understood at all," West said. "I think that there's people who are wired by their parents to understand what I'm saying. And I think there's people who are wired by their parents to reject what I'm saying."

Kendrick's Verse

After Kendrick Lamar put 'Ye on the right side of the table in his "Control" verse,

alongside Jay and Eminem, Lowe wondered how West would have reacted 10 years ago if he'd been on the dis side of the equation? "I don't do dis records," Kanye said without elaborating, adding that he's looking forward to his upcoming tour with Lamar. "I'm just looking forward to the opportunity to speak to this brother as much as possible ... [Because] he's one of our future messengers. And I'm gonna give him them jewels."

Fighting For the Dumbest Reason

During a segment when West got a bit kumbaya about how we all have to come together and forget our race, class and ethnic divisions, he also said that arguing is not the answer.

"Let's push forward as a civilization. Because we're so jacked up on our own egos and so misguided by mainstream marketing, we don't know what the f--- is real. We be apt to get into a fight this quick for the dumbest reason," he said, a week before he, yes, got into a Twitter war with Kimmel over a skit the late night comedian aired on Wednesday lampooning the Lowe sit-down. "It's like we're pitted against each other."

Send the Paparazzi Out!

When you speak so much truth, Kanye thinks it will inevitably lead to being shut down. In fact, he told Lowe that he would not be surprised if "zip, zip," as soon as their interview goes up, it'll be taken down. "This gonna get taken off the Internet ... Send the paparazzi out!" he joked, suggesting that the celebrity media is employed to shut down truth-tellers and distract us. "Get him locked up! That's what's going to happen. And paparazzi gonna come at me and I'm gonna stand there like, 'I know what you're trying to do right now, sir. I know exactly what you're trying to do. Somebody sent you at me. Somebody's trying to set me up. Somebody's trying to shut me up.'"

Asked to explain what it's like to live in the paparazzi glare, Kanye explained that what he likes, more than anything, is "dopeness." Which, of course, people are always trying to make money off of. "The thing that I like the least are people who only want to make money from things, whether they're dope or not. And especially make money and making things as least dope as possible."

Lamenting that the formerly "sexy" profession of photography, which he said used to be like being a ball player or venture capitalist, has been degraded, West actually praised the paps. "Paparazzi is necessary, not even a necessary evil," said West, who has frequently scuffled with snappers in Los Angeles. "It just needs to be legalized, meaning that at a certain point there's cut-off switches."

In Kanye world, there would be rules about taking celeb pics, a cut of the publishing and, of course, more dopeness to their shots. "I want the dopeness and the money. I'm changing things for my daughter. And I'm gonna tell my daughter by the time she understands what it was, 'Man, me and your mother were in a completely different situation than you're in.'"

And when, in his vision, little North gets paid for getting her picture taken outside some hot L.A. club, proud papa will say, "'You see all these checks that you're getting at age six? Because people taking your picture? You don't have to ever worry about a thing again just because people want to take your picture,'" he said he'd tell her. "'And I made that happen, Nori.'"