'Don Jon' Isn't Just Another Romantic Comedy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt says he is tired of all the 'unrealistic expectations about what men and women are supposed to be.'

Don't let the porn confuse you: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, "Don Jon," is a romantic comedy. It's just not the sort of romantic comedy you're used to. (So keep that meet-cute to yourself, Katherine Heigl!)

The film centers around Gordon-Levitt's porn-addicted playboy Jon, who can't seem to connect with real-life women in the way he's able to with digital bed buddies. Even when said ladies look like Scarlett Johansson.

But Gordon-Levitt, who also wrote "Don Jon," isn't just singling out romantic comedies (or porn, for that matter) alone for their often fantastical visions of reality; it's all forms representing unattainable ideals.

"Well, it's sort of making fun of the movies that you're talking about, and not just movies — all kinds of media is constantly giving us unrealistic expectations about what men and women are supposed to be, about what love and sex are supposed to be," Gordon-Levitt told MTV News' Josh Horowitz recently.

And some of his own past roles (most notably, "(500) Days of Summer") may be partially to blame.

"I hear it all the time," he said. "It's probably why I was interested in making this movie. People saying, 'Why can't I find someone like you in that movie?' And it's like, well, it's not that simple. Real life is more complicated than that, which makes it more beautiful, but you'll miss it if you're too busy comparing your real life to these sort of simple fantasies you sort of see on screen, whether that's a fantasy in a romantic Hollywood movie or in a pornography video or in a commercial for Carl's Jr."

In other words, it's impossible to always know what women want or that he's just not that into you.

"Don Jon," also starring Julianne Moore, Tony Danza and Brie Larson, is open now.