Cory Monteith Emmy Tribute: Jane Lynch Remembers 'Glee' Co-Star

'To a generation that loved Cory so, please know, this wonderful and gifted young man was worthy of your love,' she said.

There was no song or dance — just a simple, heartfelt speech from "Glee" star Jane Lynch to remember co-star Cory Monteith at Sunday's 65th Emmy Awards.

The actress took to the Nokia Theatre stage to eulogize Monteith, who died on July 13 from a drug overdose at the age of 31.

"It is remarkable and perhaps a little curious how quickly television shows become like families," Lynch said. "This summer, on our show 'Glee,' we suffered a painful death in our family. Cory Monteith played Finn Hudson, a star quarterback-turned-wide-eyed-heartfelt-glee-singer, and from the first time you saw Cory, he had a star quality and a genuine sweetness that made it impossible not to fall in love with him. And millions did fall in love with Cory, and I'm here to say that all that warmth and that charm, that opened-hearted quality that we loved in Cory was no act. Cory was a beautiful soul. He was not perfect, which many of us here tonight can relate to. His death is a tragic reminder of the rapacious, senseless destruction that is brought on by addiction.

"Tonight we remember Cory for all he was, and mourn the loss of all he could have been," Lynch continued. "To a generation that loved Cory so, please know, this wonderful and gifted young man was worthy of your love. And if you were lucky enough to know Cory as we did, and witness firsthand Cory's goofy, breezy sense of humor, his natural instinct for inclusiveness and his unbridled sense of generosity, day in and day out, I promise you would have loved him even more."

The Canadian actor was one of five deceased stars singled out for special recognition, among them "The Sopranos" actor James Gandolfini (remembered by Edie Falco), "All in the Family" actress Jean Stapleton (remembered by Rob Reiner), "Mork and Mindy" actor Jonathan Winters (remembered by Robin Williams) and "Family Ties" producer Gary David Goldberg (remembered by Michael J. Fox).

Monteith's co-star and girlfriend Lea Michele previously paid teary tribute to the actor during August's Teen Choice Awards.

The entire cast of "Glee" will say good-bye to Monteith during a special tribute episode of the Fox series, airing on October 10.

The fifth season of "Glee" debuts September 26.