Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande Respond To 'Terrifying' iPhone iOS 7 Update

Celebrities take to Twitter to show just how much they love (or hate) the brighter design.

There were a lot of opinions flying around following Miley Cyrus's 2013 Video Music Awards performance and unapologetic trailer for her MTV documentary — now it seems that something has happened that rivals that event in buzzworthiness: the newest iPhone software update. And Miley, in addition to a passel of other stars, is primed to weigh in.

"I hate the iPhone update," Cyrus tweeted Thursday after presumably updating her Apple device. The tweet spawned more than 14,000 retweets and 13,000 favorites.

Cyrus is referring to iOS 7, the latest iPhone software update, which includes a brand-new, cartoon-bright design as well as a variety of other tweaks and features. When it dropped on Apple devices Thursday, the update spawned a bevy of reactions on social media — some as vitriolic as Cyrus's, some more complimentary.

Techie actress Alyssa Milano, for one, was a fan of the update, tweeting: "It is beautiful but going to take some getting used to. #iphoneupdate." Christina Milian agreed: "I love this new #iOS7 software!!!!"

Chloë Grace Moretz fell more in the Cyrus camp in a tweet that rising star Lorde favorited: "I'm really frustrated with this iPhone update. It's. Too. Bright."

Ariana Grande live-tweeted her update experience, at first expressing trepidation — "terrified to update my iPhone" — then confusion, "Can someone please help me... How do I update my iPhone I can't even figure it out I'm so behind." Finally — after a plethora of fans came to her aid and she mastered the update — there was acceptance: "Really like the iPhone update actually."

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