Avicii Wanted To Work With Nile Rodgers 'Way Before' Daft Punk

EDM star says he had 'always been a fan' of Rodgers, who he worked with on his True track 'Lay Me Down.'

EDM superstar Avicii shocked the world with "Wake Me Up," the country-tinged lead single off his debut album, True. And it seems that is only the beginning of his experimentation on the album, coming September 17.

Looking farther down the track list, another surprising but promising collaboration comes on "Lay Me Down" with Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert. Rodgers most recently garnered attention for his work with Daft Punk, but 24-year-old Tim Bergling clarified to MTV News that his interest in working with Nile started long before the release of "Get Lucky," and he doesn't see any similarities between the two tracks beyond their shared success.

"The first time I met Nile was at my Radio City show a couple of years ago, that was before I heard anything about collaborations with Daft Punk," Avicii clarified. "A lot of people mention it like, now that Daft Punk has worked with him, now everyone is going to work with him too, but for me I had always been a fan, and I always wanted to work with him, from way before that."

The choice to use Adam Lambert's voice on the track came directly from Rodgers, and luckily, Avicii finds Lambert's voice to be "truly incredible," saying, "I've heard a lot of vocalist and he is really rare, such a talented vocalist — and he killed that song."

While "Lay Me Down" is Avicii's first track with Nile and Adam, the Swedish producer is already looking to include them on his hard at work on his second album.