One Direction Feel 'Really Weird' -- Find Out Why In New 'This Is Us' Clip!

Get a sneak peek at the extended fan cut of 'This Is Us,' out Friday.

One Direction are heading home in the extended fan cut of their Morgan Spurlock-directed flick, "This Is Us." And we don't just mean they are heading back to the towns they grew up in. In the new clip, 1D hang out in the empty "X Factor" U.K. studio, where they first met in 2010.

In the sneak peek of the new version of the movie, out Friday, the group heads to the "X Factor" stage in London. While there, they sit at the judging panel table and reflect on the experience on the show right before exploding into global superstars. Niall Horan shares, " 'X Factor' feels like so long away and so much has happened in the last few years."

While the guys goof around in the studio, poking fun at their mentor Simon Cowell, who once judged them, Louis Tomlinson adds, "It's really weird being back. It just brings back so many memories."

Later on, Niall opens up about the massive fanbase the fivesome has amassed in the last three years. He says, "The good thing about us is the fans have grown up with us. People always say in interviews, 'Do you think the fans will grow up with you?' The truth is they've already grown up with us."

The extended version of the movie will include 20 extra, never-before-seen minutes, as well as four additional songs that were not featured in the original cut of the movie, which hit theaters last month.

Spurlock spoke to MTV News back in August, explaining that he had more than enough footage left for the extended version. "We shot for six months. We shot 963 hours of footage over six months. It was massive," he explained about the film.

"It's tough when you start editing down a film to 90 minutes. What do you keep? What do you get rid of? And ultimately, it's what continues to feed the narrative the best, what tells the best linear story. And that's what we kind of focused on," he said. "For me, the core of the movie is about dreams and it's about family and everything that inter-relates to that."

The band will drop their new album Midnight Memories, on November 25.