Need More One Direction? 'This Is Us' Extended Version Coming Your Way

Updated version hits theaters Friday and includes at least 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage.

Hankering to see more of One Direction? Well, in just three days, an extended cut of "This Is Us" is coming to a theater near you.

According to Billboard, the extended version of the Morgan Spurlock-directed flick, which first hit theaters on August 30, will include 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage as well as four songs not originally included in the first cut.

When MTV News spoke to Spurlock back in August, he explained that he had enough footage left on the cutting-room floor to include in future releases of the flick, including a DVD release, or now, the extended version. "We shot for six months. We shot 963 hours of footage over six months. It was massive," he explained about the film, which follows the guys on the road, onstage and with their families.

"It's tough when you start editing down a film to 90 minutes. What do you keep? What do you get rid of? And ultimately, it's what continues to feed the narrative the best, what tells the best linear story. And that's what we kind of focused on," he said. "For me, the core of the movie is about dreams and it's about family and everything that inter-relates to that."

With the news of the extended version confirmed, there's also been some speculation that a sequel could also be in the works. At the "This Is Us" premiere, the guys told MTV News they'd be down for another (as long as Niall's nipples made the cut). Mentor Simon Cowell, meanwhile, co-signed a sequel as long as it fits into the band's busy schedule, which includes extensive touring and the November 25 release of their new album, Midnight Memories.