One Direction Sequel? Tom Felton Is Down To Play Niall, 'Of Course'

Felton talks to MTV News about the prospect of playing Niall Horan in a fictionalized account of 1D's life.

Sure, One Direction's 3-D documentary, "This Is Us," already had its real-life cast, but there's one Hollywood A-lister who would've loved to assume the role of 1D singer Niall Horan. That guy is none other than "Harry Potter" baddie Tom Felton.

It all started after Horan told Yahoo! last month that he'd love to have the actor play him in a fictionalized account of 1D's life.

Felton heard his call loud and clear.

"I heard this. I read this. Niall is one of the wonderful members of One Direction," he explained to his "Therese" co-star Elizabeth Olsen while chatting with MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival. "They are awesome. They are a dominating force."

So, should the script come his way, would he ever really consider it? "Of course! Oddly... what's really sweet is the rest of them have said like Tom Cruise, Leonardo [DiCaprio] and then Niall said Tom Felton. He's blond, yeah. I could dye it, whatever," he said. "It's very flattering and I'm a big Directioner."

Until that movie gets made (or not), 1D's mentor, Simon Cowell, recently told us that he would consider green lighting a "This Is Us" sequel, under the right circumstances.

"Yeah, for sure. We'd love to do another movie with them," Cowell said last week. "But they've got this massive tour next year, so we've got to work into their schedule, hopefully." (1D still have more dates on their Take Me Home tour lined up through October before they launch their globe-spanning Where We Are tour in April.)

In addition to some heavy box-office play, 1D are also prepping the release of their new album, Midnight Memories, out November 25.