Is A 'One Direction: This Is Us' Sequel In The Works?

Simon Cowell opens up to MTV News about 1D's big-screen potential.

One Direction have topped the charts, and thanks to their Morgan Spurlock-directed documentary, "One Direction: This Is Us," they've also dominated the box office. Considering that Directioners can't get enough of the fivesome, could a sequel be in the works?

"Yeah, for sure. We'd love to do another movie with them," the band's mentor, Simon Cowell, told MTV News. "But they've got this massive tour next year, so we've got to work into their schedule, hopefully." (1D still have more dates on their Take Me Home tour lined up through October before they launch their globe-spanning Where We Are trek in April.)

The group previously told MTV News that if a sequel should ever get green lit they'd love to see more of Niall Horan. "More of Niall's nips," Louis Tomlinson said. "And definitely some more American and Australian tour stuff 'cause we didn't have the time to film that."

And, director Spurlock has already promised fans that there is enough footage left on the cutting-room floor to include in a DVD release of "This Is Us." "It's tough when you start editing down a film to 90 minutes. What do you keep? What do you get rid of? And ultimately it's what continues to feed the narrative the best, what tells the best linear story. And that's what we kind of focused on," he said. "For me, the core of the movie is about dreams and it's about family and everything that inter-relates to that."

In addition to any potential sequel plans, Directioners do have a new 1D album to look forward to. On Friday (September 6), the boy band confirmed their third album, Midnight Memories, will hit retailers on November 25.