Fall Music Preview A-Z: Rick Ross, The Wanted And More!

Today's list also includes Pearl Jam, Pusha T, The Weeknd and Zendaya.

It’s a bummer that summer’s over, but MTV News has the cure for those blues: our biggest fall releases list. Stick with us all week as we count down the 26 most massive releases on deck over the next three months from A-Z. From Ariana Grande and Beyoncé to Lady Gaga, One Direction, Rick Ross and Zendaya, we’ve got everything you need to know on the music you’ll need to own.

Today’s list kicks off with Pearl Jam, as well as a new ones from The Wanted, Rick Ross, Pusha T, the Weeknd and the full-length debut from “Shake It Up” star Zendaya.

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Pearl Jam: Lightning Bolt

Release Date: October 15

The word: “We had a blast and recorded some of the best songs we did,” longtime producer Brendan O’Brien told Rolling Stone about the session that began in a three-week burst May 2011 and then stalled until last March. O’Brien said songs like “Siren” and “Infallible” are a bit long for pop tunes. But, like everything Eddie Vedder has written over the past two decades, they were tapped out on the singer’s battered typewriter.

Hear this: First single, “Mind Your Manners,” has PJ back in chugging punk-rock mode and the video from famed photographer Danny Clinch artfully mixes stock footage with live shots and old-school animation.

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