Lady Gaga's Monsters Beg Her For 'Sex Dreams'

After debuting tracks at iTunes Fest, Mother Monster is letting fans choose next ARTPOP single.

Lady Gaga is going democratic for the release of her second single off of her upcoming ARTPOP album, asking fans to weigh in via Twitter and Facebook and choose which of four jams will be released to the masses next.

On Sunday (September 1), Lady Gaga unveiled seven songs from ARTPOP at the iTunes Festival in London, including her first single, "Applause," which the world has already heard and seen via the music video and her performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards.

Late last night (September 3), Gaga took to Twitter and Facebook to poll her fans post-iTunes fest, asking: "OK MONSTERS! Now that you've seen some of ARTPOP Live, what would be YOUR pick for 2nd Single?" Gaga is letting fans choose between "MANiCURE," a rock 'n' roll update of "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair"; "Sex Dreams," a sweaty, sultry jam about touching oneself; "Swine," Gaga's Nine Inch Nails-esque, industrial rocker; and "Aura," a growling, exotic, dark tune with an edge of violence.

On Twitter, Gaga asked fans to vote via RTs and favorites. Currently, "Sex Dreams" is in the lead with nearly 30,000 votes, followed by "Swine" with around 20,000, then "Aura" with around 19,000 and "MANiCURE" with nearly 17,000. On Facebook, Gaga's post about the songs has racked up almost 40,000 comments.

Although "Sex Dreams" is currently in the lead, some fans had concerns about the choice. @JudyTheUnicorn tweeted, "NO SEX DREAMS CANT BE A SINGLE NO RADIO WILL PLAY IT ITS TOO DIRTY."

Other Twitter users are quick to remind Gaga that "MANiCURE," although trailing in fan votes, has one big supporter: Adele. The Grammy-winning singer tweeted after the iTunes fest: "@ladygaga mermaids for life! Brilliant as always thank you for a wonderful night! #MANiCUREisthebest."

Naturally, some fans took the opportunity to riff on runner-up "Swine" — @Danarazzi tweeted: "@ladygaga you SWINE! That's my choice. ;p"

Katy Perry is another pop singer who let fans choose which single to release next off of her upcoming album, Prism. Fans chose the witchy "Dark Horse," which will drop on September 17. Lady Gaga has yet to tell fans when the chosen single will drop.

Which ARTPOP track do you want Gaga to drop next?