One Direction Director Tells Us What You Won't See In Theaters

Director Morgan Spurlock got nearly 1,000 hours of footage, so what didn't make the cut?

Considering that director Morgan Spurlock banked hours-- nearly 1,000 of them -- of One Direction footage while shooting their new concert film/documentary, "One Direction: This Is Us," fans might get to see even more shirtless antics featuring the fivesome on DVD.

"We shot for six months. We shot 963 hours of footage over six months. It was massive," Spurlock told MTV News about working with the megastar boy band over the course of a half a year, including being with them while on their massive Take Me Home tour and tear-filled visits home to their families.

"It's tough when you start editing down a film to 90 minutes. What do you keep? What do you get rid of? And ultimately it's what continues to feed the narrative the best, what tells the best linear story. And that's what we kind of focused on," he said. "For me, the core of the movie is about dreams and it's about family and everything that inter-relates to that."

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However, the bottom line is there's plenty of new stuff Directioners can look forward to come DVD time. "So things that didn't relate to that kind of ended up on the cutting room floor," he said. "And hopefully they'll all end up on a great box set/DVD sometime."

Spurlock previously revealed to MTV News that despite the unprecedented access to 1D, there was one topic he didn't want to include in the flick.

"I made it a point to leave [girlfriend] relationships out of the film. They're young men, and from the very beginning I said I don't really want to have their girlfriends/relationships be in the movie, 'cause God forbid in the middle of this shooting, somebody breaks up with a girlfriend," he explained. "And now I've got a story point that really isn't a story point; it doesn't really matter."