Chris Brown Recruits The Cheer Squad On 'Love More' Set

Pics from the video set show Breezy in all black, while a group of models gets sporty.

Chris Brown may be getting peppy on the set of his latest video.

Five jersey-donning, ab-flaunting models strutted around the set of "Love More," a song from his X album, featuring Nicki Minaj. And although the crew isn't smiling, their high ponies and sports gear suggest they might be doing some cheering later on. Pics from the video set in Los Angeles show Breezy in all-black with a nose ring, hair cut close to his head. He grasps a blue Solo cup and a cigarette, possibly taking a break from shooting.

"Love More" is about, well, loving more. Loving in a hotel room, loving in a car... you get the point. So the part with the cheer squad is still unclear. Maybe to cheer the loving pair on? The group of knee-socked, cut-off-wearing girls give out a retro vibe with fanny packs, pigtails and acid-washed denim. The ladies sport cropped black-and-white football jerseys.

Brown's last two videos had more of a cinematic feel to them. The first, "Fine China," followed Chris and his girlfriend as they hid their forbidden love from her father, with the clip ending in a street fight. The second, "Don't Think They Know," saw him jumping out of his gang's car, ditching violence altogether. Maybe there will be a showdown in "Love More," or maybe Brown will spread more peace.

And although Breezy looks serious in the set pics, the song does host some romp-happy lyrics. Are some steamy sex scenes on the way?