Ariana Grande Goes Black And White For 'Official' Yours Truly Cover

After 'messing with' her fans with pink-hued artwork, 'The Way' singer releases the real cover for her September 3 album.

Ariana Grande was only teasing her fans earlier this week when she revealed a pink-hued album artwork for her September 3 debut, Yours Truly. But the fun and games ended late Thursday when she released the official black-and-white cover.

The new art features the singer in a frilly top, standing in the light, her eyes closed and her head tilted seductively to the side. As for that other shot of the singer kneeling in roses? Well, she's got other plans for it.

"Alright I'm done messing with you all although I have to admit it was pretty fun," she said. "Those other photos are all part of the album packaging."

The new image has garnered reviews like "perfect," "so beautiful omfmgk" and "literally can't stop crying. I wanna hug u Ariana." Though some fans felt that the cover is "basic" and looked too much like her art for her new latest single, "Baby I."

Fans only have to wait another month to hear what Grande has in store musically on the release. And, she told MTV News that the album will finally show the world who Ariana Grande is, after spending the last few years rising to fame on Nickelodeon series "Victorious" and "Sam & Cat."

"What they can expect is to get to know me, finally... Now they get to know me as Ariana," she said. "I'm very excited for that. It's very personal. It's super personal and it means a lot to me. It's incredibly emotional and sentimental."