Summer Boob-Off! Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke & Calvin Harris FTW!

After Calvin Harris' uncensored 'Thinking About You' was pulled from YouTube, MTV News dissects the nudie-est videos of the season.

Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and Calvin Harris know that when summer comes around, there's no better way to dress for the heat than by ditching your clothes altogether.

That's why all three men have declared that shirts are optional this season (although they prefer to keep their own shirts on). But why? Take it from Thicke himself, who debuted the first of this summer's topless vids: "Women with very little clothing on is never gonna go away because women like it, men like it. Women are the most beautiful thing on this planet so good luck on people not wanting to show 'em."

After Thicke's playful "Blurred Lines" topped charts, Timberlake continued to raise boobs and butt to a high-art level with "Tunnel Vision," getting the green light from YouTube on "artistic" grounds. And then there was Harris, who rounded out the breast fest with his cinematic "Thinking About You" clip.

But who got the artiest? Or, let's face it, the nudie-est? MTV News broke down topless videos from Thicke, Timberlake and Calvin Harris to see who exposed the most flesh, who gave themselves the most face time and shout-outs, which one had the highest proportion of old man dancing and which one snuck in a girl-on-girl liplock.