Jordin Sparks Serenades 'Lover, Gangsta' Jason Derulo

Sparks drops brand-new track 'Skipping a Beat' day after posting sweet serenade teaser featuring her BF on IG.

As if it wasn't clear already, Jordan Sparks adorably reminded fans just how much she loves boyfriend Jason Derulo with her brand-new single "Skipping a Beat."

On the uptempo track, Sparks sings from the heart, opening up about a "exciting" and "crazy" relationship over a sultry beat. "Everything you do, you know you got me tripping/ And everything you do, you got my heart skipping," she belts.

Sparks and Derulo have been dating for over a year, and it feels natural to assume that the song is directed at the "Other Side" singer.

On Wednesday, she even created an Instagram video that doubled as promotion for her new release and a sweet serenade. In the midst of Sparks' inspiring quotes, kisses and selfies, the clip features her singing the hook to Derulo. His reaction? Priceless. As Sparks croons, he bites his lip while looking right into her eyes.

"You make my heart skip like we're playing hop-scotch/ Hope I'm the one that you want to put the rock on," the songbird sings before adding, "Boy, I think I'mma need an ambulance because you been doing my heart some damage."

Derulo may have Sparks' heart skipping a beat but when it comes to recording together, he told us earlier this year that he's learned to try to prevent doing much damage.

"We kind of butt heads in the studio, a little bit," Derulo told MTV News about collaborating. "We kind of work differently and we're very used to being in the studio, but being in the studio our way. So you know, it could get kind of ugly in there sometimes but we made it happen. It's a beautiful thing. We did a few songs together; one will be on her album, one will be on mine."

Sparks has yet to set a release date for her solo project, but with any luck, Derulo will wind up on a remix of "Skipping a Beat."