Nicki Minaj Responds To DJ Khaled Marriage Proposal

Rapper says Khaled's proposal was a stunt to promote his single, 'I Wanna Be With You.'

Was it all just a dream?

After DJ Khaled's shocking marriage proposal
 to Nicki Minaj nearly broke the Internet last week, Khaled dropped a new song on Monday that (kind of) cleared things up.

"I Wanna Be With You," features his alleged intended, Nicki, alongside Future and Rick Ross on a song that's scheduled for inclusion on Khaled's upcoming album, Suffering From Success.

Khaled's now legendary proposal on MTV offered a few clues that might have tipped off listeners to the fact that the ultimate hip-hop hype machine was doing his usual thing, including his use of a phrase describing why he and Minaj were perfect for each other: "We got the same symptoms, we're both suffering from success."

Minaj finally broke her silence on Monday while talking to Funkmaster Flex, putting a pin in the whole charade. "I was shocked just like the rest of the world and I was cracking up laughing with the rest of the world 'cause Khaled is a master at what he does," Minaj said, adding that she hasn't talked to Khaled about the gag yet.

"Nobody in my real life took it seriously. Everybody just hit me like, 'LOL. Yo, Khaled is crazy.' Khaled is my brother and Khaled was not serious with that damn proposal, ya'll," she said. "Please let it go. He was kidding. He's not attracted to me, he doesn't like me. We're brother and sister."

Minaj also blew up the stunt as a promotional gag to draw attention to the album. "It was just another way for him to kinda give the world a glimpse on the feeling of this record," she said.

Nicki does her part on the track, laying out a hard, detailed (and expensive) prescription for the kind of man she needs in her high-flying life. "I wanna be where the commas will be," she raps on her verse. "But I need a hood n---a with the law man degree/ Get that limited edition Audemars Piget/ It could be in a pivoted position, gotta pardon the fee."