Dillon Francis Is 'A Stupid Buttface,' Riff Raff Says

The two pals explain the origins of their unlikely friendship, or something like that.

Dillon Francis and Riff Raff are just like one of those Buzzfeed posts about unlikely animal pals (there are a lot of them), if the cute little duckling wore suits all the time and the kitty had ridiculous facial hair.

Yes, over the years, the two have forged an improbable friendship ... one that seems to consist mainly of screwing around in YouTube videos (or Vines) and the red carpets of award shows. But in actuality, theirs is a brotherhood that was forged many years ago, on the high seas. Yes, Francis and Riff are a regular Ishmael and Queequeg. Or something like that.

"Riff Raff and I go way back. Two years ago, he came on Holy Ship! with me," Francis told MTV News. "He stayed in my room, on my couch. Before we got on the ship, we were about to go on and he was in my room sleeping. He's hilarious, he's always really fun to hang out with, he's really smart. We connect really well."

And does Riff Raff reciprocate? Um, no.

"Dillon Francis? He's a stupid buttface," he joked.

Ah, friendship. Anyway, the two will next team up on Francis' upcoming debut album, supposedly on a track called "Drunk All The Time" ... no word what the song's about, but based on the title alone, you can probably guess.