Selena Gomez Ready To 'Turn Up' Stars Dance As A Legal Clubgoer

Singer opens up to MTV News how 'very excited' she is to hear Stars Dance out on the town.

Now that she's of legal age to party, Selena Gomez admits she can't wait to hear one of her Stars Dance songs in an actual discotheque.

When MTV News caught up with the singer, she recalled a time when one of her earlier hits topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart after being released back in February 2010, long before she could even step in a club. "I remember when 'Naturally' came out, I was 16 or 17 and it went #1 on Billboard's club charts and I died laughing 'cause I was 16 and I had never even been in a club and my song was doing great in the club," she laughed. "It's like, 'awesome.' "

And while she thinks "it'll be funny" to actual be out on the town when one her singles plays, she actually gets pretty psyched anytime she hears one of her songs in the real world. She said, "I get so excited about that stuff. I'm kind of a nerd when I hear my song, I get really stoked. If I hear it at, like, Zara I'm just like, 'Yes!'"

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Of course, she's already hitting the club in her Paris-set video for "Slow Down," her latest single off her summer album. In it, she proves she's no longer a little kid as she dances the night away.

"Well I wanted it to be different than 'Come & Get It' in the slightest way. I think 'Come & Get It' was more of that sensual vibe and is very beautiful and 'Slow Down's a little bit harder, so we kind of went for more darker themes. And it was fun. The dancing was great and we got to shoot it in Paris, so that was amazing and unbelievable," she said. "It was a good experience."