What's In Justin Bieber's Swaggy Jewelry Box? Peek Inside!

Drake just gifted Bieber with an OVO necklace, adding to the sparkly offerings of 2 Chainz and Big Sean.

When it comes to showing their appreciation for Justin Bieber, a cadre of rappers out there are following Beyoncé's advice: "If you liked it you shoulda put a ring on it." Allow MTV News to give you a peek into the pop star's jewelry box.

Big Sean's Friendship Ring

If you think friendship rings are best left to 5th graders, then you've probably never been offered the glory that is a Rolex ring — the very same piece of pinky bling that Big Sean gifted to the Biebs earlier this summer.

After Bieber hooked up with Sean on "As Long as You Love Me," the rapper decided to make his appreciation official.

"After he put me on his album and introduced me to a lot of his fans, I felt like, 'Yo, man, just to show my appreciation,' I gave him the Rolex ring," Sean explained to MTV News. "It ain't no thing; it's really what bosses do — we give each other gifts."

He told us that it was the first ring he bought after he started making money.

Bieber's manager Scooter Braun recalled the exchange to MTV News as well. "[Big Sean] said, 'I know you said you liked [my ring], and I want to say thank you for involving me in the process and being a part of this, and I want you to have the ring.' And he took it off, and Justin put it on and it was a real genuine moment. They're friends."

Let's hope friends — just like the diamonds encrusted in Bieber's new bling — are forever, lest Bieber follow the "no take backsies" principle.

Drake's Necklace

According to Instagram, Bieber got his hands on a new bird this week — specifically an owl-shaped OVO necklace courtesy of Drake.

It seems Canadians of a feather flock together — with bling.

2 Chainz' Nickname

Forget baubles, when you're giving a gift, you should dole out one that keeps on giving — a tried-and-true saying that 2 Chainz is definitely familiar with.

Last summer, the rapper decided to give the Biebs a nickname, one that encapsulates the singer's ability to pull off diamonds and Hammer pants with ease: "Lil Swaggy."

After Justin Bieber partnered with 2 Chainz, Mac Miller and Asher Roth for his "Boyfriend" remix, 2 Chainz gave the singer his brand-new name, saying that he enjoyed working with Biebs. "It was creative and I got like 40,000 new followers on Twitter messin' with that boy, a lot of Beliebers," he told MTV News.

Everyone knows a Belieber's allegiance is worth its weight in gold, so how about making your ardor official with a golden pair of your namesake, 2 Chainz?