The Wanted Were 'Never Lonely' On TV

Group recounts what it's like living and working together before tonight's 'The Wanted Life' finale.

If there is one thing we learned about "The Wanted Life," it is that being in a boy band is all it's cracked up to be.

The Wanted took fans on a wild ride during the first season of their E! reality show, which concludes on Sunday (July 14), taking viewers behind the scenes as they moved into a mansion in Los Angeles to work on their upcoming album.

"The best part is you're never lonely. You always have someone to talk to," Jay McGuiness told MTV News about what it was like living with his bandmates. "Whether you are bored or sad or really happy ... and I just still find everyone really entertaining even if no one else does."

Yet, living together did have its downsides. The group had to deal with Nathan Sykes' vocal cord problems, Siva Kaneswaran's difficulty in balancing his friendship with his bandmates and his girlfriend, and Max George's excessive partying, which resulted in some of the most intense moments of the season.

"There were a couple moments that were quite heated," Max said. "But I think that's allowed. We are always together and to actually be in a house, it makes you clash a little bit."

And now that the first season of the reality show is behind them, The Wanted do admit that having cameras follow them at all hours of the day has changed them as a group, but for the better.

"It changed us a lot. It was kind of a glorified counseling session," Siva said. "When we had any problems, we had to speak up. It wasn't held back, no matter how awkward it was or how difficult it was, you have to do it. But it really brought us closer together because it showed that we cared more to speak about it and address it."

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