Rihanna Opening Act Haim Popping ‘Pink Champagne’ On Tour

Cali trio catches us up on hitting the road with 'badass' Rih and prepping their 'best' debut album.

Haim were huddled on a tabletop in Tennessee, sunnies nestled in “Love Story”-style, air-dried locks, when the topic of band names came up. The San Fernando Valley, California-bred trio were explaining how they were of the “super boring,” no-energy species of girl group, and they’d come up with a handle to advertise those killjoy tendencies.

“We were gonna call our band Wet Blanket, so it really covers all bases — you really know what we’re about,” bassist Este joked.

Of course, soulful sisters Alana, 21, Danielle, 24, and Este, 27, are very much in-demand and anything but low-energy, as vets of the multi-instrumentalists’ live shows will testify. And when MTV News caught up with them at last month’s Bonnaroo in Manchester, the girls were in full festival-circuit mode. In fact, they copped to jumping off a scheduled run of “utter chaos” opening gigs for Rihanna so they could make their Governors Ball date.

“We did bring her a pink bottle of champagne,” Este said of the Bajan Badgal. “We kept it classy!” youngest sis/keyboard player Alana chimed in as soft-spoken Danielle nodded and laughed.

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