Birdman's Rich Gang Out To Become Billionaires With 'Dreams Come True': Watch A Sneak Peek!

Mack Maine, Yo Gotti and Birdman himself talk to MTV News about 'showing the power that we have' on their Rich Gang track.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Even after all that he's accomplished, Birdman still has big dreams. On July 23, the Cash Money CEO will release his Rich Gang album, a compilation featuring not only rappers from his YMCMB roster, but friends like Rick Ross and Meek Mill as well.

Yo Gotti appears on a track titled "Dreams Come True," alongside Mack Maine, Ace Hood and Birdman himself, and on Friday, Baby gathered them all in a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion for a rather rich video shoot with director Eif Rivera.

"This is my first time putting a lot of us together, just showing the power that we have," Birdman told MTV News as he was flanked by the song's collaborators plus rap veteran Busta Rhymes and relative newcomer Reek da Villian.

For Bird, it's all about helping those around him. "My dream is to make sure all my n---as be playing with hundreds and they could become a billionaire in this business in this life that we chose," he said. "One of my goals is I want to be able to serve a billion people in music; I want to be the first billion-dollar brand ever in music."

YM president Mack Maine is currently living the life he also wanted since a teen and he is a deep and personal connection to the new track. "'Dreams Come True' is basically a reality now for me. I honestly grew up watching Stunna and watching Slim in the studio, I used to leave high school, basketball practice and go at night until I had to go home when moms was calling me," he said of his early years. "I always wanted to be like Stunna and Slim."

Yo Gotti raps the hook on the Rich Gang track and like Mack Maine, he is already living his dream. The Memphis MC used to dabble in streets, so he is thrilled to be building his musical legacy and working with Birdman and company.

"We're walking blessings, we're dreams come true, it means exactly what it's saying. I'ma dope boy, I'm a dream come true," Gotti says of the hook that he recorded. "It's a million dope boys out there who are taking federal chances, penitentiary chances to be able to do something else and feed their family man. You're a dream come true."