Jay-Z Vs. Sky Blu: Can LMFAO Star Win Fourth Of July Album Battle?

'It's pretty crazy that Jay-Z was coming out with an album on the same day,' the LMFAO rapper tells MTV News about Rebel Music.

Sky Blu didn't realize when he announced his Rebel Music release date he'd have to share it with the one and only Jay-Z.

But with Hova dropping Magna Carta Holy Grail the same day as Sky's first album since going on the "hiatus tip" from LMFAO, the Party Rocker isn't mad about sharing the joint Fourth of July release date.

"How crazy is that! It's pretty crazy that Jay-Z was coming out with an album on the same day. And out of nowhere too, you know? I only heard like a few weeks ago. I think everybody did," he told MTV News on Monday. He added, "It's a long time coming, but I can't wait for the world to hear [Rebel Music]. I've got a story."

As it turns out, Jay and Sky have something else in common. They are also taking the rapper's philosophy of "new rules" to heart. Sky is giving away Rebel Music for free, and Jay's Samsung deal allows 1 million fans to download his album for free, offering it early to Samsung subscribers who download a special app. Sky thinks unconventional releases from chart-topping artists is "very necessary," even for "extreme legends" like Jay.

"I'm really learning a lot about business and a lot about how the record industry and the business of how things work," he said. "And I'm the kind of person that believes that you can rewrite the rules, just like Jay-Z said. But, for me, it's a little different cause I'm giving my music for free. And I think that the real trick to everything is to make something great that the world will embrace and all your dreams will come through that. Money, all that stuff, is a byproduct to creating something people will love."

Of course, adding another level of uniqueness to these releases is the fact that they are dropping on a Thursday, given that new albums traditionally get released on Tuesdays. But Sky thinks there's no better way to celebrate Independence Day than with two new records to jam to this holiday weekend. He said, "You need something to play at the Fourth of July barbecue!"

At 26, Sky is certainly not a rookie in the industry, having amassed millions of like-minded, party-loving fans as one half of LMFAO. But, he knows he's got a bit of time before he's at Jay-Z levels of superstardom. "I would love to be like a Jay-Z when I'm his age and to have the love like he has," he said. "I shook his hand one time. I would love to work with him though."

Sky is now just ready for fans to hear what he can create independently of his LMFAO partner, RedFoo. He said, "There's songs on my record that I'm speaking from my heart and my experience. Sometimes I talk about the LMFAO situation. I talk about Mitt Romney. I have some very crazy records, some records that are just off the wall. And then I have some inspirational records on the album."

In an interview with MTV News back in June, he shared that since taking a break from RedFoo, he's been able to express himself without much outside influence, giving people a complete picture of who he is.

"I want them to see me as somebody who believes in themselves, who believes in art and just wants to have a good time and has a sense of humor," he said. "RedFoo is my uncle. He's 11 years older than me. I've looked up him my whole life and in LMFAO when I make a verse, I'm doing something to impress him. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a in group with him so bad ... Now it's like I'm out and I'm on my own and any ideas I have I don't have to second guess them. I feel that that's why it's important for the music to go to the people."