Drop City Yacht Club Will Bring 'Surf And Fun' To Hip-Hop Album

The trio chats with MTV News about incorporating a Cali-vibe into their LP, out this fall.

Drop City Yacht Club are storming the music scene so loudly this summer, you won't be hearing "Crickets." With their first single out, the California hip-hop trio has announced big plans for the release of their debut album this fall.

MTV News sat down and talked with Kristo, A Wolf and THX regarding their summer plans, which include everything from a tour, shooting new episodes for their YouTube series DCYC.TV and finishing up their album.

"We kind of want to keep it a secret but there's very cool surprises on the album," Kristo said. The guys say fans can expect to hear a wide-ranging influence: like if the Beastie Boys met the Beach Boys.

"Musically we've always kind of prided ourselves on doing different stuff, not really doing what anybody else was doing," A Wolf said. Weaving in aspects of laid-back California and the streets of New York, the whole idea was "to show a side of California that wasn't shown in hip-hop music... the surf, fun, feel-good vibe."

With major traction gained after the release of their first single "Crickets" featuring Jeremih, the trio has used their rebranding as an opportunity to advance their presence in the music scene. The feel-good combo of rap and pop revealed the quirky side of the group, putting a twist on the relatable experience of being rejected by a girl at a club.

"It's kind of like the story of the underdog," Kristo said about "Crickets."

This honesty matched with catchy beats is stirring up anticipation for the first album from the group since officially changing their name from "The Freshman" after signing to A&M/Octone. And if the new name has you scratching your heads, the trio explained its meaning.

"[Drop City] was like the first hippie community," Kristo said of the commune of artists formed in the 1960s. "It was just a bunch of poets and artists and writers and thinkers, and you know circus seals...and kind of challenged society in a way. So part of our group is really like that... it's left field and kind of different, but at the same time, it sounds kind of familiar."

DCYC, who compare themselves to a mini peanut butter and jelly, red velvet cupcake — "it's messy but it's good" — are ready to make a big mark on the music scene. And though we can expect the album in the fall, there's still no word on its title. In the meantime, the band will be on the road.

DCYC will be joining Goodie Mob for a 10-city tour that kicks off August 24 in Washington, D.C. The groups will play the final show in Miami on September 8.

Full list of tour dates see their website.