Taylor Swift Picks The Most 'Insane' Moments On Red Tour... So Far

Singer talks to MTV News about taking the stage at Cowboys Stadium and seeing swarms of fans 'as far as you look.'

You'd think that by now Taylor Swift would be used to the swarms of fans packing in to see her perform live, but nothing could prepare her for what happens when you play some of the biggest stadiums across the globe.

Swift says things have been going pretty "amazing" since her Red Tour of the biggest stadiums across the globe kicked off in March, including stops at such huge venues as the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

When MTV News caught up with Swift at the Fragrance Foundation Awards, where she picked up the award for Best Celebrity Fragrance, the singer recalled the "insane" experience of playing Cowboys Stadium.

"As far as you look there are people. It was just crazy," she said. "We've been doing a lot of stadiums on this tour and every time we play a new stadium, I'm like, that's the highlight of the tour."

And while playing such enormous venues can be intimidating at times, Swift says positive concert reviews from the likes of the New York Times and Rolling Stone help to relieve the pressure. "After Rolling Stone comes to a concert and gives their review, and when they gave their review I was like, 'OK, OK, OK. We're fine,'" she said.

Between her Red tour dates, Swift added that she's ready to start thinking about writing new music. Perhaps we can expect a collaboration between Swift and Sheeran? After all, she's since forgiven the singer-songwriter for nearly stabbing her with his "Lord of the Rings" sword.

Next up, Swift and Sheeran will make their way to the West Coast and wrap up the last leg of the Tour in Swift's homebase of Nashville in late September.