Pink Reveals Her Inner Sex Addict In 'Thanks For Sharing' Trailer

Fellow addict Gwyneth Paltrow strips down to her lingerie for Mark Ruffalo in the brand-new trailer.

Bold is a word to describe not only Pink's music, but also her role in the new sex-addiction comedy, "Thanks For Sharing."

Pink, a.k.a. Alecia Moore, joins a who's who of skilled Hollywood vets, including Mark Ruffalo, who plays a fellow sex addict, a lingerie-clad Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Kane, Tim Robbins, "Love and Other Drugs" actor Josh Gad and Joely Richardson.

In the brand-new trailer, fans are getting a glimpse at Moore's acting prowess. The story follows a group of sex addicts trying to balance their addiction and romantic lives. Ruffalo is dating Paltrow, who at one point tries to seduce him in sexy lingerie.

"Isn't that something that guys just say when they're caught cheating?" she wonders when he confesses he has an addiction.

Pink, on the other hand, is attending meetings, which she's billed as "a sausage fest." There's no shortage of quips from the singer in the trailer. "Damn, dude, you just got all Jack Bauer on me!" she tells her pal, played by Gad, when he tries to stop her from from meeting up with her ex.

The film, which is expected to hit theaters later this year, was directed and co-written by "The Kids Are All Right" helmer Stuart Blumberg, who talked to MTV News back in 2011 about Pink's stellar performance.

"[Pink] could not be a more ideal fit for this role," he said. "She carries with her just the right combination of heart and edginess for the part of Dede, and we're incredibly excited to share her acting talent with audiences."