Will 'Catfish' Lead To Wedding Bells? Tune In Tonight!

Season two premiere at 10 p.m. ET on MTV follows Cassie as Nev and Max help her meet her online fiancé.

MTV's hugely popular show "Catfish" starts its second season Tuesday (June 25) at 10 p.m. ET, offering another hopeless romantic the opportunity to meet — or at least learn the truth about — the person that they've fallen for online. In the season opener, Max and Nev tackle a situation they've never faced before: determining if a girl's online fiancé is who he claims to be.

After a full season of connections, breakups, love affairs and heartbreaks, Max and Nev start season two with an enormously sensitive challenge: helping Miami native Cassandra figure out if Steven, the man to whom she proposed online, is the same person whose photo she's been snuggling up to every night. After the tragic death of her father, who was killed in Haiti while trying to protect her cousin from kidnappers, Cassandra turned to drugs and sex to make herself feel better. But after she met Steven online, he helped her understand that self-destructive behavior was not a solution for her problems.

Subsequently, Nev and Max trekked down to Florida to meet her in person and to find out more about the situation. Calling Steven "the only person that I can tell everything to and confide in," Cassandra obviously cares deeply about her online companion, especially since he became her support system after the death of her father. But Steven's unpredictable schedule as a musician and producer has left her suspicious, even if she admits she wants to trust him badly enough that she hasn't conducted even a Google search of his name in the two years since they met.

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Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV to find out if Cassandra's online affair is meant to happen in the real world, or if she will be forced to face the disappointment of being catfished. In the meantime, make sure you check out MTV's Tumblr, where we celebrate "Catfish Day" with a collection of images and other goodies to get you and your fellow fans geared up for another season of the show!