One Direction 'This Is Us' Trailer: Slightly Sappy, Super Sexy

The guys just premiered their full-length trailer, and on top of shirtless shots galore, they also teased their 'Best Song Ever.'

When One Direction released the trailer for their highly anticipated "This Is Us" 3-D movie on Tuesday (June 25), they not only got an intimate look at their life in the spotlight, but also a taste of their "Best Song Ever."

While Harry Styles, Naill Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne show the struggles of global success in the clip, they still show off their playful, cheeky side in the clip. We've wrapped up the key scenes from the full-length trailer.

Childhood Flashbacks

Before they were selling out arenas all over the world, the guys of One Direction were just dreaming making it big. In a series of adorable photos of them at an early age — Harry looking like a young rockstar and Louis in a schoolboy uniform — the guys reminisce about the moments they realized that singing is what they were born to do.

"It would be three in the morning singing at the top of my voice," Zayn Malik says. "That's where it kind of started."

Harry Loses His Pants And Liam Loses His Shirt

If there is one thing we knew we would see in a One Direction trailer, it's shirtless guys. In one scene, Harry bares his washboard abs mid-rehearsal to show off his tattoos, and later fans are treated to Liam in nothing but his boxer shorts. And Directioners will probably be a bit more pleasantly surprised than Harry when the floppy-haired one gets pantsed onstage by Liam.

Family First

Life on tour is not only hard at times for One Direction, but also for the family members who can go weeks, if not months, without seeing them. "I miss my son so much," Liam's mother says in the clip as she apologizes for tearing up.

But perhaps the moment that will tug hardest at fans' heartstrings is when Zayn presents his mother with a brand-new home. "I know you used to always say that I'll get you a house when I'm older," Zayn's mother says to him over the phone as she walks into her new home. "Thank you for what you've done for us. I'm so proud of you."

Harry Heads Home

It's hard to imagine that before Harry won over hearts with his signature hairstyle, smoldering stares and a heart-melting smile, he worked at a bakery in his hometown. And when he returns, he doesn't miss a beat, putting on an apron, grabbing a broom and reuniting with his co-worker Barbara. "She used to pinch my bum on the side," Harry said of Barbara, who proceeded to do just that and quickly become the envy to millions of girls around the world.


Since being contestants on the U.K. version of "The X Factor," One Direction have had what they call a "dramatic life change," and they attribute it all to their fans. In a series of shots, 1D pay homage to their biggest supporters as a series of fans hit the screen sharing the reason they love the group so much. "We are so thankful," Louis said. "This is a teamwork between us and them."

The trailer takes viewers on a journey all over the world as thousands flock the streets and venues to get a glimpse at the boy band. "The fans were the ones that made up their mind that the band was going to be huge," says Simon Cowell, who is the film's producer as well as the guys' former "X Factor" mentor.

The "Best Song Ever"

As if the trailer wasn't enough, at the end of the clip, One Direction give us the first tease at their brand-new single, "Best Song Ever," off their upcoming third album. In the short snippet, the group shows off their impressive vocals over an up-tempo pop beat, which will most likely live up to its name when it is globally released July 22.

"And we danced all night to the best song ever," the boys sing on the track, which they will perform on August 11 when they open the Teen Choice Awards.