Exclusive: Johnny Depp's 'Lone Ranger' Makeup Had Stars Asking 'Who Is This?'

In an exclusive featurette, Depp remembers when even his longtime collaborate Jerry Bruckheimer didn't recognize him in costume as Tonto.

Johnny Depp is so identifiable as an actor that it seems impossible for anyone not to recognize him. But according to Depp, not even longtime collaborator Jerry Bruckheimer recognized the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star when he first donned his makeup as Tonto in "The Lone Ranger."

In an exclusive featurette about the Disney flick, Depp and makeup artist Joel Harlow remember when the star got fully into his character for the first time — so fully that it was hard to tell who he was.

"Joel Harlow built the makeup and he came over and took some pictures," Depp said. "I took those photographs to Jerry Bruckheimer," Harlow recalled. "Johnny showed it to Jerry and Jerry said, 'This is great; who is this?' "

"The Lone Ranger" is a big-screen update of the main character in popular radio and television serials. Playing opposite Depp's Tonto as the title character is Armie Hammer, who admitted that he was awestruck when he first donned the character's iconic disguise. "The first time I put on the mask, I put it on just thinking, 'This is going to be cool,' " he said.

Meanwhile, the duo squares off against acclaimed character actor William Fichtner, who describes his character as someone no one wants to tussle with. "I think the last guy you want to find in a dark alley is Butch Cavendish," Fichtner said.

Bruckheimer agreed, adding, "We pit these two guys together against some very vicious villains."

Ruth Wilson provides some female strength as Rebecca Reid, a character whose fate hangs in the balance until the title character and his partner intervene. "Rebecca has grown up with the Lone Ranger," she said. "She gets kidnapped by baddies, and it's up to the Lone Ranger and Tonto to rescue her."

"The Lone Ranger" opens in theaters nationwide on July 3.

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