'Man Of Steel': Superman And Lois Lane Ditch Old-Timey Romance

New film pushes the comic-book pair into a modern-day relationship.

As with many other aspects of the Superman mythology, "Man of Steel" reinvents the relationship between the superhero and his longtime love interest, Lois Lane. In the past, Lane has served as a nosy proxy for the audience who falls for Superman but often gives him reasons to have to do some saving — whenever she gets herself into a pickle. But Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, explained that their relationship is much more sophisticated in the new film than in prior ones.

"He's spent his whole life with only two people knowing what he can do," Cavill told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "Of course, they can only sympathize with him, they can't empathize." Describing the strained introduction the two have — after she uncovers his actual identity — Cavill indicates that their shared secret forges a bond unlike those audiences have ever seen. "It's one of those situations where he's forced into it, but it's actually a great relationship because he realizes he can trust her — and he thought that never possible."

As Lois Lane, Amy Adams had a remarkable opportunity to create a character who, for the first time, was smart and sophisticated and wasn't defined purely by her relationship to Superman. Adams said that wasn't a responsibility she took lightly.

"You treat it with a lot of reverence and respect," she said. "It felt very real. You're acting and stuff, but we were there, and you just transport yourself to the reality of it. I liked that Zack created a Lois who isn't swooning over him, but clearly affected by him, and moved by him. And clearly he gets her blood going, but she's much more modern in the sense that she's going to remain in control."

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Adams said that the natural camaraderie that emerged between her and Cavill helped their on-screen relationship blossom. "I got along so well with Henry so I just felt like we had a lot of fun, even from the beginning," she admitted. "We were tethered together, and you better learn how to have fun or else it's going to get really uncomfortable."

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