Kanye West's Yeezus Gets Him 'Don Status' From DJ Khaled

'That's like boss sh--,' Khaled tells MTV News, defending 'Ye's anti-radio rollout.

Hip-hop fans aren't the only people clamoring for Yeezus; even Kanye West's closest musical friends are excited for June 18. "I can't wait," shouted DJ Khaled at the mention of his forthcoming sixth LP.

"I like the idea of him not dropping single and him just coming out with an album. That's just saying, 'Yo, I'm great, here's my album, here's a date and go get it,' " he said. "I like that. That's confident. That's don status, that's like boss sh--, that's like number one sh--."

The We the Best executive sat with MTV News on Friday, days before he attended Yeezy's loading-dock listening party in New York City on Monday night. Up until then, he, like most of the world, hadn't heard Yeezus in its entirety, though he was in the studio with 'Ye during the early album-recording process.

"I was working with Kanye West, helping him out, bringing him music for his album in the early stages," he told us. "I got a chance to be in the studio with him, I was helping A&R'ing certain things at one point. You know, Kanye is a special, creative, great friend of mine."

West contributed "Grammy Family" to Khaled's 2006 debut Listennn... the Album, and on last year's Kiss the Ring, Yeezy linked with Khaled and Rick Ross on "I Wish You Would." While recording that track, the well-connected DJ worked with Yeezy for two weeks straight, contributing beats to the album, he said. There is no official track list for Yeezus, and Khaled isn't sure if any of the records he gave to West have made it. Maybe they'll appear on the DJ's upcoming September 24th LP, Suffering From Success.

But the formalities seem to make no difference to Khaled, he is excited for Yeezus and the impact it'll have all the same. "I think you're gonna see more artists do that, more big artists," Khaled predicted. "Sometimes you don't need a traditional single and a video to promote your album."