Timeflies In 'Perfection Mode' On Debut Album

'Everything is coming together,' MTV's Artist To Watch say of upcoming LP, featuring 'I Choose U.'

Combining electro flair and freestyle raps, the infectious radio-friendly pop hits of Timeflies make the duo an MTV Artist to Watch.

Timeflies — producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal Shapiro — formed in 2010 at Tufts University, where, during a night of partying, they realized they had a lot in common.

"I was definitely in the zone at a party, and I was freestyling, because I had a little bit of scotch and you get a little sauced and things happen," Shapiro told MTV News. "And [Resnick] was beatboxing, and he was like, 'Yeah, I got this six-piece funk band; you should come down and sing.' At this point, I was scared to sing in public, [but] I went down there, and we started covering songs."

The two began perfecting their sound, working out of their makeshift studio in Resnick's dorm room. They created "Timeflies Tuesdays," a weekly YouTube event where they released a new cover or freestyle rap every Tuesday night for 68 weeks.

Fans quickly climbed on the Timeflies bandwagon, helping both of their EPs reach chart success, with their second, One Night, reaching #1 on the iTunes pop chart.

The MTV Artist to Watch is riding high off its recently released cut "I Choose U," the lead single off their upcoming debut album.

The Island Def Jam signees, who collaborated with JoJo and Mike Posner on the album, are still unsure which tracks will make the final cut. They promise fans everything will be decided in the next month for what they hope will be an end-of-summer release.

"These are records we have written on the road, in the studio, everywhere — it's everything coming together," Shapiro said. "And then in June, we are not moving; we are recording the entire thing. We have done a bunch, but we are putting in serious time, going into perfection mode."

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