'The Wanted Life' Is 'Not for My Mom's Eyes,' Max George Shares

The guys open up to MTV News about their E! reality show, airing on Sunday.

Boy band The Wanted took America by storm with their hit "Glad You Came," but now fans are going behind the scenes to see a completely different side of the guys with their new E! reality show, "The Wanted Life."

Inviting cameras along as they moved into a swanky Los Angeles mansion, the "Walks Like Rihanna" singers spent their time focusing on the upcoming album and showing everyone what it's really like to live life as a pop star.

As much fun as the group had, there was some hesitation about letting cameras follow their every move for several months. The Wanted, sans member Nathan Sykes, who is still recovering from vocal cord surgery, stopped by MTV News on Friday to discuss why they signed on for "The Wanted Life," which premieres Sunday on E!

"There are cameras there all the time and we didn't want to be labeled as we just do reality TV," Tom Parker said when asked if they were reluctant to do the show. "But we wanted to make people more aware of what goes on behind the scenes and making the album."

Now, it wasn't all work in The Wanted household — there was certainly a lot of partying as well. Max George's mom, who told him not to "shame the family" while filming, may get a warning from her son before watching.

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"This time I know there are going to be some bits that are probably not for my mom's eyes," George said. "I can't remember most of them, so even watching the first episode I can't remember."

The group's real issues make it to the series — from Siva Kaneswaran's struggle with balancing time between his bandmates and his girlfriend to seeing how the group handles Skyes' vocal injury.

"Reality TV, often the reality part, is not so real," Jay McGuiness said. "I think the selling point for us when they were like we are genuinely going to leave you to your own devices and just film you."